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Professional qualification training courses: "Using QGIS software in data processing about forest change and PFES map design."

Wednesday - 07/11/2018 10:34
In order to improve the capacity of staff to use the software in monitoring forest developments, Designing maps for payment for forest environmental services. Forest Protection and Development Fund of Quang Nam province organized a professional qualification training courses with the support of the Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment.
The professional qualification training courses: "Using QGIS software in data processing about monitoring forest developments, designing maps for Payment for Forest Environmental Services." was held with the time, location, specific components as follows:
- Duration: 01 – 05 October2018
- Location: Tram Oanh Hotel - Tam Ky city - Quang Nam province.
- Ingredient: Technical staff of Quang Nam Forest Protection and Development Fund, technical staff Quang Nam FPD, the Technical staff of forest owners is an organization providing forest environmental services in Quang Nam.
Instructor at the training course is Mr. Nguyen Van Thi - Head of Department of Remote Sensing Application in Forestry - Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thi - Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment - Instructor

Staffs attended the training course

During the training course, the trainer has guided four main contents:

- Exploit and use QGIS software in monitoring and updating forest evolution;
- Exploitation and use of updated forest data in the design map for PES;
- Guide to the exploitation and use of satellite imagery in reviewing of forest status;
- Introduction and User Manuals for PFES Mapping Software (V5PFES);
Results of the training, each staff involved had the ability to perform 4 above content. This is a prerequisite for the staff to apply to the data processing and monitoring of forest changes and design the map of payments for environmental services.

Participants took souvenir photos

Author: Department of Remote Sensing Application in Forestry

Source: Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment

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